Prescribed Burns: Register for Direct Notification

Click here to enroll in the Direct Notification Program

The Army has three areas on the former Fort Ord planned for prescribed burning in 2017:

  • Units 11, 12, and 31 (which are in  the Impact Area)

These areas are required to be burned to encourage successful recovery of the rare, threatened and endangered fire-dependent species.

If you register for the Direct Notification Program, the Army will notify you via email, text, or by an automated telephone message that:

  • a prescribed burn could occur shortly (within a day or two),
  • when the prescribed burn is started, and
  • when the burn is complete.

Units 11, 12 and 31 are in the Impact Area (not accessible to the public) and were prepared for a prescribed burn in 2016.  Units 11, 12, and 31 may be burned, provided appropriate conditions are available, after July 1, 2017.