Tours and Talks…They’re free. Free bus tours for groups of 25 or more!

Available Now:.Tours and Talks…It’s free…Free bus tours for groups of 25 or more!

As a part of the Army’s community outreach program for the cleanup of the former Fort Ord, we offer tours of the former Fort Ord cleanup sites and facilities as well as presentations about the cleanup process. Tours are arranged by appointment. We ask for at least two weeks advance notice. The tour days are Tuesday through Thursday and the recommended start times are 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Tours last from 60 to 90 minutes. For groups of 25 or more we will provide the bus transportation. The tour departure location is Building 4463, Gigling Road at the former Fort Ord. Tours can include opportunities to get off the bus. In these cases, we suggest the attire to include comfortable, close-toed walking shoes, and a jacket.

In addition to tours, the Fort Ord Base Realignment and Closure field office has cleanup experts from various disciplines who are willing to speak to interested community groups. Their areas of expertise related to the Fort Ord cleanup project include groundwater and soil contamination, munitions and explosives of concern clearance, and habitat management.

To Schedule a Tour or Talk:
Fort Ord Cleanup Community Involvement
Call 831-393-1284 or e-mail [email protected]