This year, the Army is preparing for two prescribed burns on the Former Fort Ord.

The Army has identified two areas in the former Fort Ord for prescribed burning in 2018. Prescribed burns are an important part of munitions cleanup because they make the ground surface accessible for workers to safely remove munitions. These burns encourage recovery of rare, threatened and endangered fire-dependent plant species. In addition, prescribed burns can reduce vegetation, which, in turn, reduces the risk of wildfire. The Army intends to conduct a prescribed burn after July 1 as soon as weather permits. A prescribed burn may commence when conditions provide for safe operations and good fire and smoke behavior. For details, go to the prescribed burn section of this web site–Click Here to be directed to that page.

Register for the Direct Notification Program–Click Here

If you register for the Direct Notification Program, the Army will notify you via email, text, or by an automated telephone message that:

  • A prescribed burn could occur shortly (within a day or two),
  • When the prescribed burn is started, and
  • When the burn is complete.

 Because phone numbers and email addresses change, you will need to register every year. We do not share your contact information.

 How to Minimize Smoke Exposure

Reasonable precautions can be taken to avoid or reduce exposure during any burn.

  • Listen to public service advisories and be alert for further information;
  • Close up your home by shutting windows and doors;
  • Avoid strenuous work or exercise outdoors; and
  • If you have heart, vascular or lung disease, including asthma, talk with your health care provider before burn season to make plans.

 Para obtener información en español llame al (831) 393-1284.