Community Involvement

What Happens Next (FS-01-01)
Community Outreach Program (FS-01-02)
The Administrative Record (FS-01-03)
Regulatory agencies and other points of contact for Fort Ord Environmental Cleanup (FS-01-04)
Environmental Justice Communities  (FS-01-05)

Overview Cleanup Reports

(Soil, Water, Munitions, Property Transfer)

Reports to Congress (FS-02-01)
Fort Ord BRAC Installation Action Plan
(Army report with detailed information on site status and property transfer)
4th Five-Year Review  (FS-02-03)
Map: Current property transfer status (FS-02-04)
Fort Ord Annual Reports
(review of last year’s significant cleanup actions) 

Soil and Groundwater Cleanup

Groundwater Cleanup Overview (FS-03-09)
Groundwater Cleanup at Operable Unit 1 (OU1) (FS-03-01)
Groundwater Cleanup at Operable Unit 2 (OU2) (FS-03-02)
Groundwater Cleanup at Operable Unit Carbon Tetrachloride Plume (OUCTP) (FS-03-03)
Groundwater Cleanup at Sites 2/12 (FS-03-04)
Landfill Closure and Maintenance Operable Unit 2 (OU2) (FS-03-05)
Soil Cleanup at Site 39 / Basewide Range Assessment  (FS-03-06)
Understanding Soil Gas at Former Fort Ord: Frequently Asked Questions about Soil Gas
and Soil Vapor Intrusion
Passive Diffusion Bag Samplers: Frequently Asked Questions (FS-03-08)

Military Munitions Response Program & Prescribed Burns

Detonations  (FS-04-03)
Fort Ord Military Munitions Safety Alert (FS-04-01)
Military Munitions Recognition and Safety Training and How to Request a Free Safety Training Class  (FS-04-04)
Track 2 BLM Area B and MRS-16  (FS-04-12)
Fort Ord Track 3 Impact Area Munitions Response Site  (FS-04-02)
Munitions Site Security Program  (FS-04-06)
Fort Ord Prescribed Burn Program and Direct Notification Program Enrollment Form

Annual Review of the Fort Ord Munitions Response Site Prioritization 
Fort Ord Munitions Response Site Sequencing Implementation Plan  (FS-04-11)
Fort Ord Prescribed Burn Program  (FS-04-08)
Frequently Asked Questions about Prescribed Burning  (FS-04-09)
Fort Ord Burn (developed by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, July 2005)  (FS-04-10)
 Fort Ord Burn (Programa de Quema Prescripta 2016 Fort Ord)  (FS-04-13)

Habitat Management

The Army’s Habitat Management on Fort Ord (FS-05-05)
Fort Ord Habitat Management Map  (FS-05-01)
Natural Treasures of the Former Fort Ord   (FS-05-02)
Fort Ord Wildflowers  (FS-05-03)
Maritime Chaparral: Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species at the Former Fort Ord (FS-05-04)


 Fort Ord National Monument Trail Map  (FS-06-01)