Public Notice: Plug-in Approval Memo, No Further Munitions Response Needed for BLM Area C

Public Notice Plug-In Approval Memorandum, No Further Munitions Response Needed for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Area C at the former Fort Ord, California

The Army has determined that no further munitions response is necessary for BLM Area C at the former Fort Ord. Located north and east of the historical Impact Area, BLM Area C is two non-contiguous areas comprising approximately 2,170 acres. BLM Area C has been identified as eligible as a Track 1, Category 3 Plug-In area. Track 1 areas are areas suspected to have been used for military training with military munitions, but no further response action is required based on remedial investigation. BLM Area C includes several former military training sites and areas in-between the sites, and has been investigated for munitions and explosives of concern. The types of training that took place includes general training and maneuver, bivouac training, aviation training, and other training that involved the use of practice munitions that are not designed to cause injury. In the unlikely event that a like item of the type previously observed in the area is found, it is not expected that the item would function by casual contact (i.e., inadvertent and unintentional contact). In the future, should any military munitions-related item be found at BLM Area C, the Army will take an appropriate immediate action (i.e., removing the found item, recording the incident), and within 90 days of the discovery, submit a plan for appropriate follow-on action to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California, Department of Toxic Substances Control for consultation. BLM Area C was included in the land transferred to the BLM in 1996 and has been managed by BLM as habitat reserve with recreational access.

Consistent with the Track 1 Record of Decision, the Plug-In Approval Memorandum, BLM Area C, Former Fort Ord (October 2018) was made available for a 30-day public review period that ended on November 30, 2018. The Approval Memorandum contains the rationale for designating this area as Track 1 and that no further munitions response is needed. The Army has received written concurrence from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and acknowledgment from the State of California, Department of Toxic Substances Control. This regulatory agency-approved Approval Memorandum serves as the final decision document regarding munitions response for BLM Area C.

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