Free munitions safety class! Available on-line with or without certificate of completion.

The Army is offering an on-line munitions awareness and safety presentation to local schools in interested community members.  It’s an instructive, 15 minutes long interactive presentation, oh and a bonus: it’s surprisingly entertaining (video clips). You can access at  There are a few times you have to take a “quiz” to proceed to the next part.

Because of Fort Ord’s history as a military base, there is a potential for people to encounter military munitions. While unexpected, munitions have been found on hiking trails, and even in people’s homes as souvenirs. The Army has an ongoing program to inform the community of the potential for an encounter with military munitions, and, if a suspicious object is encountered, safe practices to follow to keep everyone safe.

The presentation emphasizes the 3Rs of Explosives Safety:

  • Recognizing when you may have encountered a munitions,
  • Retreating from the location without touching the object, and
  • Reporting the discovery to authorities.

The Army’s munitions cleanup program at the former Fort Ord will continue for several more years. The current cleanup areas are closed, such as the former Impact Area which is fenced and posted with DANGER signs. Trespassing into these areas carries the risk of serious accidents involving munitions. It is important that children be taught to mind the signs and not cross any barriers intended to keep people out of dangerous areas. This information is also covered in the safety presentation.