The use of portions of the beach dune area and Impact Area of Fort Ord as small arms training ranges resulted in concentrations of spent bullets and lead contamination in the soil. Training in the use of military munitions at ranges within the Impact Area resulted in residues of explosives contaminating soil at some specific locations. A wide variety of small-scale industrial activities occurred at Fort Ord (for example: photographic development, constructing signs and name plates, and equipment maintenance). The predominant industrial activity was vehicular operations including large vehicle parking areas, fueling and lubrication centers, and repair shops. Some of the activities associated with these operations resulted in soil contamination. All soil cleanup sites identified in the Site 39 Record of Decision  have been excavated and the excavation backfilled with clean soil, if appropriate. However, three additional areas have been identified for cleanup.

A 50-acre portion of the Fort Ord landfill was excavated and consolidated in the 100-acre area of the landfill south of Imjn Road. The 50-acre portion is now clean closed. The remaining portion (100 acres) of the landfill has been capped. Long term management of the landfill is on-going.

Cleanup of the small arms soil contamination at the beach small arms ranges is also complete.

Cleanup of all identified soil contamination at Site 39 (Impact Area) is also complete. As noted earlier, three areas have been identified for cleanup.  Additional areas for soil remediation may be identified in parts of the former Fort Ord following munitions clearance activities.