The goal of the Fort Ord Environmental Cleanup program is to clean up the property to support intended reuse selected by the local community and to transfer the property to the designated recipients. Since base closure in 1994, considerable progress has been made toward completing the cleanup. Much of the former Fort Ord property has been transferred. This page provides some resources for the reuse community so that current and future uses of the transferred properties are consistent with the completed or in-progress cleanup actions.

  • Please check your property deeds for any conditions or activity restrictions.
  • Activities that could interfere with completed or on-going environmental cleanup actions include: damaging the groundwater remediation system infrastructure such as pipelines and wells; changing the flow of groundwater by installing new infrastructure such as storm water infiltration area; and developing or using a property for uses that are prohibited in the federal deed.
  • Drilling of new water wells in portions of the former Fort Ord is regulated by Monterey County under Monterey County Ordinance 4011.
  • Two environmental cleanup sites are fenced and closed to the public. They are: Operable Unit 2 Landfills and the Impact Area Munitions Response Area. Unauthorized persons are considered trespassers and will be reported to federal law enforcement.
  • Munitions-related land use controls are required in some transferred properties.

For the continued safe use of the former Fort Ord property, please check and observe conditions and requirements in the property transfer deeds.

For questions, please contact the Army BRAC Fort Ord Field Office. This fact sheet provides contact information for the regulatory agencies overseeing the Fort Ord cleanup: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Department of Toxic Substances Control and California Regional Water Quality Control Board.