5th Fort Ord Five-Year Review is Complete

The Army has completed the 5th Five-Year Review of cleanup remedies for the Fort Ord Superfund Site in Monterey County, California, in September 2022.

What Is a Five-Year Review?

Five-Year Reviews involve a comprehensive assessment of the performance of a cleanup program and its ongoing protectiveness of human health and the environment.

Why Is a Five-Year Review Conducted?

Superfund regulations require a review of cleanup actions every five years after the initiation of remedial actions if the remedy does not allow unrestricted use of the property.

Findings of the 5th Five-Year Review Report

The remedies for all of the sites evaluated in the 5th Five-Year Review were deemed protective of human health and the environment under the current land use and exposure pathways. Potential exposure pathways that could result in unacceptable risks are being controlled. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has concurred on the findings.

For More Information

To read the 5th Five-Year Review Report (AR# BW-2925) click here.
For a factsheet on the 5th Five-Year Review Report click here.