Federal Citations Issued to Trespassers

Federal citations have been issued to trespassers that were found behind the fence.

On April 3, 2022, two individuals were cited for trespassing in the restricted Impact Area Munitions Response Area (MRA). The Presidio of Monterey Police Department cited them for trespassing.

The Impact Area MRA contains dangerous military munitions and explosives left over from soldier training that took place before the base was closed. The Army’s munitions cleanup is not yet complete. People who come in contact with these items risk serious injury or death.  The Impact Area MRA is surrounded by fences and posted with signs. Please pay attention to the signs, obey them, and don’t go in the area. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

The Army also asks for your help.  If you see a trespasser in a posted warning or danger area on the former Fort Ord, please call the Presidio of Monterey Police (831) 242-7851 or 242-7852.  Your call is confidential and you might be saving someone’s life.