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The Administrative Record Online Search tool queries the Former Fort Ord Administrative Record database, which contains over 10,000 records related to the environmental cleanup activities and associated programs at the former Army base. Some searches may generate large results, which may take a while to generate. If such a query takes too long to run, it may time-out. If this happens, try to limit your search by entering more specific text, then try your search again.

Title Contains

Enter a key word or words that are contained in title of the record(s) you are searching for, such as “groundwater”, “ordnance”, or “remedial investigation” (without the quotes). Key words are case insensitive, so “report”, “Report”, and “REPORT” are treated the same. For a more advanced search, you can use the asterisk “*” wildcard character to search for a portion of a title you’re unsure of. The wildcard character basically means “any character or group of characters”. For example, if you want to search for all Records pertaining to “groundwater”, but you’re unsure how “groundwater” might be used in a title, enter “ground*water”. This will return records with “groundwater” or “ground-water” or “ground water” in the title. Be careful when using the wildcard character. If you did a search on “OU*2”, you would get records related to OU-2, OU2, OU 2, as well as “PUBLIC NOTICE: ANNOUNCING PUBLIC MEETING TO DISCUSS LITERATURE REVIEW WORKPLAN AND SITE 12”!

Record Number

Each item in the Administrative Record has a unique identifier called a Record Number. If you know the Record Number, this is the fastest way to access an item. Records are grouped into categories (see list below) and are assigned an alpha-numeric Record Number in one of these categories (example: BW-2107). To view all the records in a particular category, simply type the category into the Record Number box and add the asterisk “*” wildcard character. For example, to view all the Operable Unit 2 (OU2) records, enter “OU2*” (without the quotes) in the Record Number box and your results will include all records that have been grouped into the OU2 category.

Document Versions

Primary documents are issued first as a Draft document. After regulatory agency and public review, the document will advance to a Draft Final version, which will typically include responses to comments received on the Draft.
The Draft Final document will be available for a 30-day review period. If no comments are received it will be considered final after the 30 days.
Other documents may advance from a Draft to a Final in one step (after an appropriate period).
When the Final document is placed in the Administrative Record and uploaded to the online repository, the previous versions – Draft and Draft Final – are removed from the repository and are no longer available on the website.
A Proposed Plan is a document required to formally solicit public comments on a proposed cleanup decision, and is made available for a 30-day public comment period. A Record of Decision (ROD) documents the resulting cleanup decision and is made available when signed by appropriate agencies. Only one version of a Proposed Plan and ROD will be provided for each cleanup decision or site.
The Fort Ord Administrative Record uses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Administrative Record Guidance, which states that only final documents should be included in an Administrative Record file. To view the guidance, go to:

Tips for Tracking a Document from Draft version through Final

The Fort Ord Administrative Record follows the guidelines set forth by the U.S. EPA’s Administrative Record Guidance document. Draft and Draft Final documents are temporarily placed in the record file to encourage community participation in the review of cleanup documentation and to improve public accessibility.

When a Draft Document is added to the Administrative Record, it is given a new number in its series – for example:


When the Draft Final version is issued, the Draft is removed from the Administrative Record and the number OE-0708 is removed from the online search tool. The Draft Final is then given the same number in that series, plus an alpha character. For example:


When the Final is issued, the same process continues. The Draft Final is removed and the Final is given the next alpha character – for example:


Only documents that have been superseded by a next version have been removed from the record file, as per the EPA guidance. Transmittal documents, distribution lists, letters, memos and addenda are typically not removed from the Administrative Record.

Older Administrative Record items may not follow this numbering system.