Interim Action Reports

Interim Action For Ordnance and Explosives at Ranges 43-48, Range 30A, and Site OE-16

Ranges 43-48 reference documents

Site OE-16 (MRS-16) reference documents

Documents on this list are specific to the Munitions Response Site 16 (MRS-16) Interim Action as described in the September 2002 Record of Decision, Interim Action For OE at Ranges 43-48, Range 30A, and Site OE-16

Proposed Plan:

Supporting Reports:

After Action Reports:

Section 1: Prescribed Burn 2006 MRS-16 After Action Report
Section 2: Prescribed Burn Air Monitoring Report, Munitions Response Site 16
Section 3: After Action Report, Notification and Voluntary Relocation Plan
Section 4: Prescribed Burn Site Security After Action Report (Site MRS-16)
Section 5: Responses to Comments