BLM AREA B (Northern Portion of the Fort Ord National Monument)

The map below represents current trail closures as well as Access Corridors that are available after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends. In the next few weeks, you may continue to see vegetation cutting operations and munitions removal in the vegetation cut areas underway.

Please be aware that vegetation cutting operations moved into new work areas as of July 31, 2017.  Primary containment line preparation in Unit C is now complete and the security fence at the unit was removed August 3, 2017.  See map below.

Thank you for complying with the temporary trail and road closures while the Army’s cleanup operations are in progress.  Unfortunately, there was one instance when federal law enforcement had to cite an individual who entered a posted off-limits area.  Please Mind the Signs and continue to call the Army’s information line (1-800-852-9699) with your feedback and if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Munitions related items recovered through August 22, 2017:
*Potentially Explosive Items = 138
*Munitions Debris = 5,912 lbs

The map below represents current trail closures. You may see field crews installing PVC piping and cutting vegetation over the next few weeks.

Secondary and tertiary containment line preparation involved vegetation cutting along frequently traveled roads such as Eucalyptus, Parker Flats, Watkins Gate and Hennekens Ranch Roads. This work resulted in better visibility along the roads, improving road safety for recreational users as well as emergency service agencies.

The photos below show some of the current vegetation clearance work.  The first photo shows the “before” vegetation removal and the remaining three show the “after” vegetation cutting.

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