BLM AREA B (Northern Portion of the Fort Ord National Monument)

The map below shows current trail closures as well as Access Corridors.

Currently, the Army is conducting vegetation cutting in support of the 2018 Fort Ord prescribed burns. Munitions cleanup in areas burned in 2017 and vegetation-cut areas will continue over the next several months.

 Access Corridors may be closed within the exclusion zones during work activities, but will remain open the rest of the time to allow for passage through the National Monument.

 Work areas enclosed by temporary fence are currently closed. Starting on August 13, 2018,  Trails 61/62 will temporarily be closed for active cleanup operations. Please check this web page for updates.

Thank you for complying with the temporary trail and road closures while the Army’s munitions cleanup is in progress. For your safety please Mind the Signs, and continue to call the Army’s information line (1-800-852-9699) with your feedback and if you have any questions.  Thank you.


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